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Red, White and Beer


Yesterday was July 4th, and what did a beer geek like myself choose to drink you may ask.  Well, obviously I should go with a domestic brew.  So.  You think to yourself what domestic brew do I drink.  Do I go local?  In  that case it would be something from Coast Brewing but, wasn’t really feeling it.  Do I go with something really american looking like Stoudts American Pale Ale?  A good choice but I actually think about that one until a couple of hours ago and well it was a little late by then.  What I did go with was Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale.  Mainly because I was in the grocery store and saw the red white and blue can.  I figured to myself that maybe I should have some patriotic colors near me.  Luckily as well as the correct color scheme for the day the can contains a very good pale ale.  I have no review of it at this time because sitting there and writing down notes wasn’t really on the top of my list for things to do.  So here’s a picture of it for you and there you go.



Poster Child Imperial IPA



I have to say this one is really really good.  Almost in my mind the poster child for Imperial IPA’s.  I know something else will come along and change my mind but for now let me think that i’ve found what I’m looking for.

Everything is this beer is big.  The ABV is sitting right about 8.7% which you can feel the burn down the back of your throat.  The nose is real nice and hoppy.  Tons of grapefruit and pine and a nice backing of caramel from the malt.  The taste really follows what you smell.  Coming at you with the grapefruit and pine caramel and of course the alcohol.  Overall very good, very strong, very smooth.  Basically every good variation of very you can think of that involves beer.

And to all you Dad’s Happy Fathers Day.




April 3, 2010 by JNMillerphotography

Even Rabbits like it


As you can see my wife had a hand in the picture for this one.  I’ve been pretty lax in my posting which I’m going to have to remedy.  I got 5 more posts behind this one that i need to finish up writing.

So what we have here is the first installment of my “Good Beer In A Can Series”.  With all the new brews that are coming to South Carolina there are plenty of Breweries and good one’s at that, that put there beer in cans.  And overall beer in a can generally gets a bad wrap, kinda like wine with a screw top.
This here is Oskar Blues Old Chub.  It’s a Scottish style ale and weighing in at 8.0% ABV. it’s pretty heavy.  And rather than going to far into detail it’s pretty much a malt monster with some grassy earthy hops in the background.  As always i suggest anyone who enjoys good beer to try it.