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I decided to take the excerpt from the Brew Dog Blog to give a background for this beer.  Hope they don’t mind.

“Question: What do you get if you blend Hardcore IPA and I Beat You together and then add even more dry hops?

Answer: I Hardcore You. Introducing a new type of collaboration. Coming Soon from Mikkeller and BrewDog. Oh and a completely new type of collaboration too!

I Hardcore You is a 9.5% Imperial India Pale Ale, an international collaborative effort between 2 of Europe’s most rock ‘n roll brewers. This beer is a blend of BrewDog’s Hardcore IPA and Mikkeller’s I Beat You (2 of my favourite beers). After the blending, the beer was then dry hopped a further twice. Making I Hardcore You a beer which has been dry hopped four times, or maybe even six times. We kinda lost count.”

If you enjoy hoppy IPA’s this beer is beyond good.  The pour is deep copper with a big tan fluffy head that slowly dissipates with a ton of lacing.  The nose is hop crazy with pineapple, mango, orange, caramel, and apricot.  The taste has the pine coming through.  You can pick up the citrus if you let the beer sit on your tongue.

If you see it get it.  There’s probably not too much to be had and it’s well worth it.



Mikkeller Beats You



Here we are back to talking about beer.  And a really good one this is.  From Mikkeller Brewery the I Beat You IPA is one of the best beers i’ve tried.  Like I’ve said before I’m a hop head and if your like me you need to try this one.  The beer pours with a 3 finger head and leaves tons of lacing.  The smell on this one is supper sweet, tons of pineapple.  For the most part this beer smells like pineapple juice.  After smelling that you might think well this one is going to be sweet with not much else to it.  And you would be wrong.  The flavor is amazing, the hops come through with pineapple and pine but not as strong as they do in the nose.  There is a nice caramel malt flavor that really helps to balance out the hops.  And with a ABV of 9.75% it’s hidden really well.  The only taste inclination you get is a slight burn in the back of the throat.  Mikkeller isn’t a cheap beer but it’s worth a try, even if it is only once.

Stateside IPA



After the last beer I felt I needed to give Mikkeller another try to make sure that not all there beers tasted like charcuterie.  I went with the Stateside IPA.  Pale Ales, IPAs, and Imperial IPAs are my favorite so I had good expectations for this one.

The pour was a cloudy kinda honey red color.  With about a 1 finger of really sticky head.  The smell is amazing.  Really hoppy with lots of grapefruit and caramel malt.  I seem to pick up a little bit of belgian yeast but I’m not sure.  The taste is a lot more malt forward than you would think.  But not so much that it overshadows the hops.  It finishes with a good bit of pine flavor and as you drink you really start to notice how sticky this beer is.  I saw a review of Mikkeller’s 1000 IBU beer and something he said about that beer I seem to pick up in this one.  He said that the beer tasted like hops.  Not that it tasted like grapefruit, pineapple, mango, floral, earthy or any of these. It tasted like you were chewing on a whole hop.  I pick that up a little bit in this one too.  If you like IPA’s I suggest you try this one at least once.  At 10$ for a pint it may be all any of us can afford.

Mikkellers Alright



This is my first venture into the Mikkeller beer series and Danish beers for that matter.  And as the name implies on this one it’s alright.  First let me give you a little history on Mikkeller.  It’s not really a brewery per se but a person, and at first it was 2 people that travel to different breweries and work off of there equipment.  As there website says a type of gypsy brewing.  Earning accolades very early on the first year as professionals they won Danish brewery of the year, and in there second year hit ratebeers best list.  This next little part came straight from there website.

“The succes is partly due to the brewerys focus on creating challenging beers that test the boundaries and where quality always comes before quantity. In other words, uncompromising beer”.

“The brewery want to challenge the Danes’ taste buds with intense taste adventures, and some of the inspiration is found on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean where the American breweries aren’t afraid to play and break all the rules. Mikkeller wants to provoke some of this inventiveness in Danish beer brewing, so why not show the way?”

Now that you have a little history lets get to the beer.  This one is not for the person who isn’t willing to try something new.  I figure you have to try things even if there weird and not very good to realize what’s out there and what you can really do with beer.  Mikkeller’s It’s Alright is a Belgian wild yeast ale.  Now just by it saying wild yeast you know it’s going to be a little weird.  It pours a cloudy pale yellow with a very small head that rims the glass.  The scents I got out of it was a lot of ester, Fruity, sour, some spice, straw, mold, musty.  The taste has kind of a moldy funk to it, most likely coming from the wild yeast.  In fact the yeast is so prevalent it gave me a headache halfway through the bottle.  Slightly spicy, estery, some bitterness at the end and seems to be fairly dry.  When I bought this I was told that it tasted like soprasata.  I didn’t pick it up until later on when I burped and that is exactly what I tasted.  Would I by it again?  No.  Am I glad I tried it?  Yes.

The next beer you have I challenge you to go outside of your comfort zone.  Try something new and actually drink all of it.  Try to understand what makes it taste the way it does.  Believe me you’ll appreciate it more.