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Stone’s 14th Anniversary Ale


Stone's 14th year

For all of you who live is San Diego and enjoy Stone beer enough to be going to the 14th Anniversary party i am officially jealous.  Today is the big 14th anniversary party at Stone Brewery.  And if you’ve had the chance to look at the line up it’s really impressive.  So much in fact here’s a link to make the rest of you jealous.  14th Anniversary line up.  But since I can’t be at the party I’ll have to settle for the beer that celebrates the 14 years of Stone.  If your like me you try to follow everything these guys do and you might recall that Mitch and Steve were called upon to write the book on IPAs.  And that they traveled to England to do extensive research, this is the fruits of that trip.  A hoppy monster weighing in at 8.9% and an unspecified amount of IBU’s.  Pouring with a color that you would expect from a IPA.  A nice orange with a fluffy sticky head that sticks to the side of the glass leaving great lacing.  The smell of this beer is really something special.  I’m getting peach some lite orange citrus notes.  Also pic up some fig, sourdough, and for some reason something reminds me of fresh leather.  Not your typical American IPA nose it’s more earthy and herbal.  When you taste it you can really feel the hops.  Bitter all the way through, but it’s to be expected with this guy.  I get some of the peach and citrus notes, but mostly sitting in with the bitter notes.  Don’t get me wrong  this beer is very well-balanced and definitely worth a try.  Kudos to Stone and I can’t wait for the book.