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Dogfish Head’s Punkin


It’s Autumn here in Charleston which means the weather is bearable the nights are cooler and well the autumn beers are hitting the shelves.  The first one I tried is Dogfish Head’s Punkin ale.  With an ABV of 7 % it’s stronger than the normal session beer but not so strong that you couldn’t sit down at a bar and enjoy one of these.  The pour is orange with a small head.  The nose comes across with roasted pumpkin, toffee, nutmeg, cinnamon, and I got some chestnut out of it.  The taste is much like the nose just a little more muted which I think is a nice thing.  A beer that is really nice and smooth and very approachable.  A must try for anyone who likes Seasonal beer or just beer for that matter.



Dogfish Head’s “Black & Blue”



Dogfish Head’s Black and Blue is the subject of this post.  To me it drinks more like a wine rather then a beer.  The smell is really estery, fruity and sweet.  Stands to reason that it would be fruity and sweet there are about 300 pounds of Black and Blue Berries each in each batch.  The flavor is not to sweet considering, and hits with a good amount of ester and yeast.  My suggestion would be to let it warm to cellar temp it seemed to be when the fruit in this one really come out.




This one is an interesting batch.  Brewed with apricots you can really pick it up in the nose.  The nose basically picks up the apricots and the hops.  Nice citrus hops at that.  There is a slight pine, and you can get a whiff of the malt in the background.  The taste is pretty interesting.  It has a slight sour note with predominance in the grapefruit and apricot flavors and then finishes with a good bit of pine.  At 7% ABV it’s hidden really well.  I would definitely partake in this one again.

Immort Ale



Dogfish Head’s Immort Ale.  Sitting at 11% ABV. it hides it’s alcohol so well that it can really sneak up on you.  The smell gives you a lot of malt, with lots of wood, maple and vanilla.  At this point you can really smell the alcohol.  The taste comes in with a lot of wood flavor, some maple and vanilla.  You can feel the burn of the alcohol down the back of your throat but stays surprisingly smooth.  If you like wood aged beverages you need to give this one a try if you can find it.