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A Trip to Coast Brewery


Some would say that Coast is the best brewery in Charleston and I would have to agree.  Not too long ago South Carolina passed a law where breweries could give tours, tastings, and sell a certain amount of their product to the public.  Good news for the breweries.  The problem is Coast is a small brewery with very few employees so they only give tours two days a week Thursday 4-7 and Saturday 11-2.  For me most of the time neither of these days or times works out.  Fortunately or unfortunately depending how you look at it I was able to make the trip, however with no money in my pockets.  But plenty of people did come with money and thirst for something tasty.

I noticed these lovely guys sitting off to the side.

If you notice the chalk one is Barrel Aged Black beard and the one I’m really hoping to try is the Barley Wine.  On the website they warn you that it is a working brewery and it’s true.  It is pretty cool if you actually want to see how one really works.

As you can see David the Brewmaster/Owner at work.  Not much time to talk to the people, that’s fine by me as long as he keeps making such good beer.