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A Trip to Coast Brewery


Some would say that Coast is the best brewery in Charleston and I would have to agree.  Not too long ago South Carolina passed a law where breweries could give tours, tastings, and sell a certain amount of their product to the public.  Good news for the breweries.  The problem is Coast is a small brewery with very few employees so they only give tours two days a week Thursday 4-7 and Saturday 11-2.  For me most of the time neither of these days or times works out.  Fortunately or unfortunately depending how you look at it I was able to make the trip, however with no money in my pockets.  But plenty of people did come with money and thirst for something tasty.

I noticed these lovely guys sitting off to the side.

If you notice the chalk one is Barrel Aged Black beard and the one I’m really hoping to try is the Barley Wine.  On the website they warn you that it is a working brewery and it’s true.  It is pretty cool if you actually want to see how one really works.

As you can see David the Brewmaster/Owner at work.  Not much time to talk to the people, that’s fine by me as long as he keeps making such good beer.



The Times They Are A Changin’


It’s Tuesday and well for those of us that live in South Carolina the tasting law was passed yesterday.  So what does that mean?  Well, for starters your local breweries can now start to have tours and sell beer on premises.  That’s not saying that you can buy a whole bunch or get a discount.  On the Coast Brewery blog it says that you can buy one case per person per day.  And that by law they are required to sell the beer at retail price.  For the stores like The Charleston Beer Exchange things are better then they used to be but they’ll still be getting a ton of questions from the public.  It’s not going to be try anything you want on the growler station time.  Which most people including myself were hoping for.  What it does mean and I’m not completely clear on it but stores such as The Beer Exchange can have tastings.  The tastings will be limited on the amount of alcohol that can be opened and served.  I’m thinking this will probably go by monthly basis but again I’m not completely sure on all the logistics of the law.

As far as my own beer tastings concern well I’ve been slightly busy and all but here is a list of some of the tasty brews that are coming up.

Oskar Blues: Gordon, Ten Fidy

Smuttynose: Shoals Pale Ale, IPA

Mikkeller: I Beat You IPA, Beer Geek Breakfast

And many more.  Most notably my first beer.


Local Breweries Spin On A German Classic


This post is far overdue but I wanted to make sure that my facts were straight.  First off Altbier is a German style literally meaning Old [style] Beer.  It refers to the pre-lager days when people used top fermenting yeast like in pale ales.  If you want to learn more about it check out the write up on WikiPedia


This is Coast’s ( version of the classic German Altbier.  Now unfortunately I can’t tell you the little differences between what comes out of Germany and what Coast has made here seeing as I have never had a traditional German Alt.  The smell gets you with some nice grapefruit and a good amount of ester.  The hops are cut with a backbone of toasty malts.  The taste is a real good balance between the hops and malts.  You can pick up mostly the ester in the hop profile.  The Grapefruit really only comes through in the nose.  The toasty malts come in a round out the flavor of the hops and finishes with a little bit of pine.  Overall a pretty good beer.  Now i just need to try myself an original Alt.