Buried Hatchet Stout

So this is the last day of American Craft Beer Week.  I haven’t posted anything really this whole week but that doesn’t mean I haven’t  been tasting new stuff.  I’m so backlogged on tasting notes it’s not funny.  Hopefully i’ll have a whole slew of tastings coming down the pipe shortly.


This is Southern Star Breweries Buried Hatchet Stout http://www.southernstarbrewery.com/.  A great one for those of you who love a nice dark cup of coffee.  When I first poured it all i could smell was coffee and dark roasted malts, a really enticing smell.  Once you stick your nose in it you can also pick up some dark chocolate.  The flavor comes in with just like the nose with nice coffee and toasted malt.  Can detect some toasted marsh mellow that lightens the flavor just enough to make this one really enjoyable.  With the ABV. at 8.50% you do get some warming effect but it’s really smooth.  Surprisingly with the coffee taste there isn’t mush in the way of bitterness.  It’s actually kind of sweet and the mouthfeel is just think enough to coat the tongue.    A really good beer to sit down and enjoy after a long days work.


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