American Craft Brew week

It’s American Craft Brew Week and you know what that means.  Put down that mass produced beverage and grab something from the little guys.  Preferably local if you have yourself a brewery near by.  Also check your papers a lot of cities and restaurants are having beer dinners and fests to celebrate.

To start my week off I went with one of my favorite.

Cascade goodness


A Bell’s Two Hearted Ale.  If I could only have one type of beer for the rest of my life this one would probably be it.  Well until my tastes change.  Or someone changes my mind.  The smell on this one is amazing, that is if you like cascade.  It hits you in the face with fresh crisp smelling cascade hops.  See what i’ve been told is that they only use cascade hops in this beer.  You do get some caramel malt and some pine to level it off but lots of hop in this one.  The taste is a lot smoother than you might think with a beer this hoppy.  The malt really levels it out.  The pine is faint but you can definitely taste it.  Like I said this is one of my favorite.

Now i’m going to go check on my beer so i’m trying to wrap this one up quick.  Enjoy the week, drink craft beer.


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