My First Brew

Alright so my first beer that I myself brewed.  Of course I had help, most people don’t just jump into whole grain brewing with both feet.  So using Ben’s house and Aaron’s equipment and tutelage, it’s coming along really well.  As you can see above this was the set up.  Pretty sweet eh.

Now after we have boiled the wort for 60 min we chill it.

This is the first part of fermentation.

And this is what’s left.  You do get a lot more grim in the bottom of the fermenter but that’s yet to come.

So now for some recipe info.  So I started off wanting to make a Bass clone.  Mainly because it was one of the first beers I liked.  But now with all the good craft beers out there Bass is just kinda blah.  So what I did I looked at clone recipes for beers that i liked.  Well as many as i could find.  Looking at all those recipes and cross-referencing with the data base on BeerSmith I came up with what I hope to be a really good beer.  To clarify BeerSmith is a program to help build recipes.  They have descriptions of every ingredient so you know what each one will do to your brew.  I ended up using 1 base malt and 3 specialty malts.  Pale malt, Caramel, Cara-Pils, and Victory.  Hops I used Fuggle and Cascade.  And a British Ale yeast.  I’ll be bottling close to may 22  so keep an eye out i’ll be posting a review of it sometime in june.


3 Responses to “My First Brew”

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  2. Mitch Says:

    Looks like you used whole hops, or are those expanded pellets? Why no air lock or blow tube. My last batch of IPA is getting better the longer it ages, but it’s almost gone! Okahoma just legalized homebrewing, so just Alabama and Mississippi are the only states that still keep it illegal. Damn it.

    • JNMillerphotography Says:

      I used both hole and pellot hops. Found out 1oz of pellots = 2oz of whole. But Aaron the guy that helped me has a freezer full of hops so he helped me add 2 more ounces of fuggle whole hops to my 2oz of fuggle and 1oz of cascade both being pellots.

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