Back to Normal

March 9, 2010 by JNMillerphotography

Hop Dam!


So the Charleston Wine and Food Festival is done and over with.  A Busy week that saw Richard Blais, Eli Kirshtein, Kevin Gillespie, Daniel Boulud and our dine around Chef Paul Liebrandt.  Along with a whole host of the chefs entourages and people just wanting to get the chance to work and be in the same kitchen as some of these great chefs.  But now that’s all over with and i can get back to normal.

During all the chaos i did get to try quite a good beer.  Hoppin’ Frog’s Hop Dam, it’s a Triple IPA sitting in at 10%Abv so it packs quite a punch.  One thing i had to get over was don’t let the label fool you.  To me it looks kinda cheesy which tends to make me think cheap and not that good.  Make no mistake Hoppin’ Frog is nothing of the sort.  Everything that I’ve tried from this brewery has been very tasty.  Back to Hop Dam.  Tons of hops in this one, smell and taste of Pineapple and grapefruit, the pine taste isn’t too strong considering all the hops.  One thing though with a price of about 18$ after tax and all, this to me is a one try kinda beer.  It’s good but i feel like brews from Bell’s (Two Hearted, Hop Slam), Ballast Point’s (Sculpin) Avery’s (Maharajah, Dugana) to me are all just as good if not better.  Either way if your a hop head like me i urge you to try Hoppin’ Frogs Hop Dam.


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